Transparent LCD Display: Interactive Transparent LCD Display with Competitive Factory Price

  • More OEM / ODM possibilities with lower MOQ to start your business.
  • Objects and advertisements displayed at the same time makes your products more vivid and eye-catching.
  • Transparent display helps promote your brand and product grade, achieving differentiated marketing.
  • 3D visual effect presentation with lower energy consumption.
transparent lcd display

SmartTec: Your trusted transparent LCD display OEM/ODM manufacturer

SmartTec is a high-tech enterprise with more than 12 years in China. Core staff in R&D department has more than 10 years of experience in this field. we have extensive experience on transparent LCD display OEM/ODM projects.

You can share your OEM/ODM requirements with us and we can offer competitive OEM/ODM service with low MOQ to support you in a quick manner. So that you can get your ideal transparent LCD display to sell to your customers rapidly.

SmartTec has a scientific quality management system. They ensure quality control from incoming materials to finished products. SmartTec provides one-year warranty. This ensures that you will get a stable, good quality transparent LCD display to sell and use.

SmartTec Transparent LCD Display

SmartTec transparent LCD display is a high-tech product that is a combination of microelectronic technology, photoelectric technology, computer technology and information processing technology.

Sometimes we also call transparent LCD display as transparent LCD display box. SmartTec transparent LCD display is used widely in exhibition halls, chain stores, museums, banks, luxury shops, exclusive shops, jewelry shops, etc.

SmartTec transparent LCD display can publish advertising information even when your objects are placed inside the box at the same time. The transparent LCD display screen has high transparency – as transparent as glass. It can also ensure the color richness and display details of the dynamic picture. These give you an attractive advertising experience. SmartTec transparent LCD display has high-intensive working abilities with good stable performance with a long lifespan. The above features will help save your cost on maintenance and solve your advertising problems.

transparent lcd display

SmartTec DC43 transparent LCD display combines touch interaction item, display information release. The transparent LCD display gives you a 3D sensory effect as if floating. It offers you a special advertising visual enjoyment. These functions make your advertising display more clear and vivid, so you can have a more effective advertisement for your product.

SmartTec DC43 transparent LCD display has high resolution without light interference. It shows beautiful colors, more delicate and realistic pictures. This feature gives customers a good experience and improves your brand image.

SmartTec DC43 transparent LCD display has astable good performance for long-time operation with low power consumption. It can meet your needs to display long-time advertisements easily. SmartTec transparent LCD display gives you one-year warranty. This helps you reduce concerns about after-sales problems and save energy.

Transparent LCD Display R&D and Manufacturing Capability

SmartTec as a High Tech Enterprise and Gazelle Company in China has obtained management system of 1SO9001, ISO14001 and ISO4500 etc. Core staff in SmartTec R&D team has more than 12 years of experience in transparent LCD display research and development. R&D and technical staff account for more than 60%. They’re top technical experts and have strong comprehensive R&D capabilities in automation, electronics, algorithms, structural design, computer software and other fields.

SmartTec has successively obtained more than 1000 intellectual property rights such as technical patents, product trademarks and software copyrights etc. SmartTec has got more than 30 certifications, such as CE, CB, CCC and CQC etc.

SmartTec can produce more than 20,000 units of transparent LCD displays each year by our experienced and skilled workers.

Become an Expert when customizing transparent lcd display

  1. You provide transparent LCD display customization requirements for SmartTec R&D departmentto check.
  2. SmartTec R&D department checks and confirms your requirements, then provide solutions.
  3. Make transparent LCD display sample and test it according to requirements.
  4. Provide transparent LCD display sample for your confirmation.
  5. Produce transparent LCD display bulk order as confirmed.
  1. SmartTec Team providesa lead time for your transparent LCD display order.
  2. Raw materials will be prepared & incoming materials will be inspected.
  3. Production Department arrangesthetransparent LCD display’s production.
  4. SmartTec QC Department inspects and controls the transparent LCD display product’s quality during the whole production procedure.
  5. Outgoing quality inspection before shipment.
  6. Pass all the tests by SmartTec QC Department, then,deliver thetransparent LCD display at your request.

SmartTec Transparent LCD Display FAQs

1. Can we make other sizes of transparent LCD display?

Yes, our transparent LCD display standard size is 43 inch, we can also make a customization at your request.

2. Will you provide the UK plug for your transparent LCD display?

Yes, we can provide different plugs according to your needs.

3. How about the transparent LCD display transmittance?

SmartTec transparent LCD display transmittance is more than 75%.

4. What’s the transparent LCD display screen’s response time?

The response time is 8 (Typ.)(G to G) (ms).

5. Can the transparent LCD display operate continuously for a long time?

Yes, SmartTec transparent LCD display quality is good and stable.

It can operate 24/7 to meet your needs of a highly intensive advertising display.

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