Guangzhou SmartTec is a professional manufacturer of coin processing machines. We have dedicated ourselves to the coin machines field for more than 15 years. Based on our strong research and development capabilities ., SmartTec has developed a new advanced coin sorter: C9 . C9 is the best polygonal coins sorting machine with exclusive chain sorting technology. It can not only sort conventional round coins , but also can sort polygonal coins . SmartTec C9 coin sorter uses the counterfeit detection sensor independently developed by SmartTec, it has reached the world-class counterfeit detection capability. As a Polygonal coins sorting machine , Coin sorting speed of C9  reach up to 600 coins per minute,which helps increase your work efficiency. C9 has a user-friendly interface with 4.3 inch touchscreen . You can learn and use C9 easily. All functions and data are clearly showed on the screen.