I60 Coin Sorting Deposit Machine

  • Coin counterfeit detection, counting, sorting, and depositing in one machine
  • Coin sorting and deposit speed is more than 550 coins per minute
  • Deposit capacity is more than 3,000 coins/bag
  • Support up to 9 denomination coins for sorting and depositing
  • Automatic coin feeding

Large Screen, Easy for Use

A beautiful and stylish appearance equipped with a 15-inch LCD operational touchscreen and user-friendly interface can bring you a good user experience.

Accurate Counterfeit Detection

The coin counterfeit detection sensor independently developed by SmartTec has reached a world-class level in counterfeit detection capability. It’s accurate, secure, and reliable to use.

Missed Recognition Rate:0                                False Accept Rate: ≤0.5%

High Speed Coin Sorting and Depositing

Coin sorting and deposit speed can reach more than 550 coins per minute. It can effectively multiply your work efficiency.

Coin Sorting and Deposit Speed:550 coins / minute

Automatic Coin Feeder, Input Coins in Batches

Support automatic coin feeder, and large batches of coin input, which is convenient for customers. It can support up to 200 coins / batch and support uninterrupted coins input for use.

Batches of Coins Input: 200 coins

Able to Sort and Deposit Both Round and Polygonal Coins

Using unique chain coin-accept technology, it can not only support round coins, but also polygonal coins, which can satisfy the needs of coins of more countries.

Round Coins: Support                      Polygonal Coins: Support

Large Capacity, Halve Your Workload

The maximum coin deposit capacity is up to 3,000 coins/bag, it supports up to 9 denominations, about 27,000 coins in total. (able to customize as per your request). The large capacity effectively reduces the frequency of maintaining the coin deposit machine and reduces your workload.

Transaction Receipt Printing

SmartTec coin deposit machine equipped with an inbuilt receipt printer provides you with real-time printing.

Exquisite Design, Easy Maintenance

Compact in structure and small in volume. It occupies a small area and effectively saves site space. At the same time, this coin sorting deposit machine adopts a front door design, which is very convenient for maintenance.


OSWindows 7 / Windows 10
Memory8G DDR, 128G SSD;
Sorting and Depositing CapabilitySupport up to 9 denominations ( As per customers’ needs)
Number of Coin Bag6 coin bags (standard)
Coin Deposit CapacityAbout 3,000 coins/bag, 18,000 coins in total
Coin Sorting and Depositing SpeedAbout. 550 coins /minute
Display15.6-inch touch-screen
Printer58mm inbuilt thermal printer
Automatic Coin FeederYes
Product Dimension390mm(L)*682mm(W)*1230mm
  • R&D and technical personnel account for more than 60%. Strong comprehensive R&D capabilities in fields of automation, electronics, algorithms, structural design and computer software etc..
  • Specialized in coin deposit machine R&D and manufacturing. Annual R&D investment has exceeded 15% of annual revenue.
  • 500 square meters R&D center and more than 200 square meter professional R&D testing laboratory equipped with lots of testing instruments and equipment, such as vibration measurement instrument, ultra-low temperature test equipment, high temperature test equipment and aging test equipment etc..
  • A specialized R&D test center is set up to be responsible for product testing in the product development stage.
  • More than 100 intellectual property rights in coin deposit machines and other coin handling machines such as technical patents, product trademarks, and software copyrights etc..
  • More than 30 product certificates of CE, CB, CCC, and CQC etc..
  • Obtained management system certifications of 1SO9001, ISO14001 and ISO4500 etc..
  • Approved as “High-tech Enterprise” and “Gazelle Enterprise” in China.

SmartTec  Coin Sorting Deposit Machine FAQs

1. Where can use this coin deposit machine?

The coin sorting deposit machines can be used in the places that needs to deposit coins, such as banks, traffic systems, and retail businesses etc..

2. Do I need to sort the coins according to denominations before making a deposit?

Coin deposit machine integrates counterfeit detection, counting, sorting, and depositing functions into one machine.

3. How many coins can I deposit in the coin sorting deposit machine?

SmartTec’s standard coin sorting deposit machine’s capacity can deposit around 24,000 coins.

4. What currencies can your coin deposit support?

Our coin sorting deposit machine supports more than 80 countries/regions’ currencies, such as USD, Euro, Canada, UK, RMB, Malaysia, etc.

5. After deposit, can I get a deposit record?

Yes, our deposit machine has an inbuilt thermal printer. After deposit, you can print a receipt.

6. How’s your coin sorting and deposit speed?

The coin sorting and deposit speed is around 600 coins/minute.

7. Can I have Windows 10 operating system?

Yes, our standard operating system is Windows 7. We can provide Windows 10 as required.

8. What’s your coin deposit receipt printer’s printing speed?

Our coin deposit receipt printer’s printing speed is 30mm/s.

9. What’s your coin deposit receipt printer’s lifespan?

The printer’s lifespan is around 50KM.

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