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Coin Processing Machines

Professional Manufacturer

Guangzhou SmartTec is a professional manufacturer of coin processing machines. We have dedicated ourselves to the coin machines field approx 20 years.

SmartTec owns a professional R&D team, based on many years of development, SmartTec produces series of coin processing machines, such as coin recycler, coin deposit modules, coin sorter, coin deposit machine, coin exchange machine, etc. Our coin machines can handle more than 100 countries/regions’ currency.

As a coin handling machines manufacturer, SmartTec can provide customized services, including product structure design, software development, and hardware development for you based on our technology.

SmartTec Product Lines

SmartTec coin machines with advanced technology will help your business skyrocket.
SmartTec coin sorting deposit machine can accurately sort various types of coins, including irregularly shaped coins, and large and small coins that differ greatly in diameter. The sorting and depositing speed is about 600 coins. It equips with an automatic coin feeder, a 15-inch touchscreen, and a 58mm built-in thermal printer.
SmartTec coin exchange machine supports exchange among notes, coins, large denominations, and small denominations. It equips with 15.6-inch touchscreen, UPS, DVR cameras, and a built-in thermal printer.

Why 1000+ Clients Trust SmartTec

SmartTec serviced more than a thousand clients in the past 15 years. Thanks to our coin-processing machines manufacturing experience, advanced technology, quality control systems, as well as sales and maintenance services, we can provide valuable services for your business.
Manufacturing Experience
Guangzhou SmartTec has been in the coin-processing machines field for more than 15 years in China. Because we have more than 10,000 square meters of factories and more than 100 skilled workers, SmartTec produces more than 100,000 coin machines each year.
R&D Team
Guangzhou SmartTec core R&D team has been working in the financial field for more than 10 years. We have accumulated extensive experience in software, structure, electronic, electrical, and automation control. Based on this expertise and technology, SmartTec can provide customized services, including product structure design, software, and hardware development for your requests.
Quality Control
SmartTec has strict quality inspections starting from raw materials up to the finished product. Depending on the product, we guarantee one year warranty for you.
Sales & Maintenance
SmartTec values every customer. We provide online services and support on a 24/7 basis. You can always find a professional to answer your questions. We will provide you with lifetime technical support and after-service training depending on your needs.
Patent Module To Develop Different Coin Systems
OEM Capability
As a professional manufacturer of coin-processing machines, SmartTec has accumulated a lot of project experience in the past 15 years. Based on our strong R & D capabilities, we will provide OEM services for you. These include structure design, hardware, and, software development, according to your demands.
OEM Capability

Based on our strong R&D development capabilities in software, structure, electronic, electrical, and automation control, SmartTec focus on coin-processing machines producing, has developed a series of complete original product lines.Up to now, We have more than 100 patents for the whole series of coin-processing machines. We can provide related product development for you with our designs and technology.

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