E40 Foreign Currency Exchange Machine

  • Accept most mixed currencies around the world and exchange them into local currency.
  • Support up to 4 local denominations for exchanging.
  • Durable structure and a 15-inch capacitive LCD touchscreen.
  • Cameras and DVR monitor the transaction.
  • Support passport scanner.
  • UPS power supply ensures a smooth transaction even a sudden power outage.

Accept Most Currencies Around The World

E40 currency exchange machine accepts most mixed currencies around the world, such as RMB, EUR, USD, HKD, CAD, IDR, PHP, PKR, RUB, SGD, BRL etc..

More Than 4 Denominations Banknotes Can Be Dispensed

Standard foreign currency exchange machines can dispense 4 local denominations banknotes to exchange. Approx. 500 banknotes each casette. And more denominations can be customized according to needs.

Passport Scanner and Coin Module Are Optional

A passport scanner and coin module are optional in E40 foreign currency exchange machines, customers can select that according to needs.

15-Inch Capacitive Touchscreen

SmartTec E40 foreign currency exchange machine integrates a 15-inch capacitive touchscreen and a user-friendly interface. It’s easy to operate.

Secure and Smooth Transaction Process

Cameras and DVR are installed to monitor the funds in and out during transactions. The UPS uninterrupted power supply ensures a smooth transaction process even a sudden power failure, ongoing transactions can continue to proceed normally until all business transactions are completed.

Built-In Receipt Printer 

SmartTec foreign currency exchange machine is equipped with a 58mm built-in receipt printer. It is convenient to print transaction receipts.



Banknote ReceiverApplicable Banknote Range: banknote on request.

Accept most currencies around the world. The cassette capacity is approx. 1,200 banknotes.

Banknote Dispenser4 denominations, approx. 500 banknotes each casette

( It can be customized according to needs.)

Display15-inch capacitive touch screen
MotherboardIndustrial grade, Intel, 320G hard disk
Operating SystemWindows
Passport ScannerOptional
Coin ModuleOptional
CommunicationLAN, Wifi
Printer80mm thermal printer
DVR4 Channels video input, 2T hard disk
UPS12V 7AH*2
  • R&D and technical personnel account for more than 60%. Strong comprehensive R&D capabilities in fields of automation, electronics, algorithms, structural design and computer software etc..
  • Professional currency exchange machine R&D manufacturer. Annual R&D investment has exceeded 15% of annual revenue.
  • 500 square meters R&D center and more than 200 square meter professional R&D testing laboratory equipped with lots of testing instruments and equipment, such as vibration measurement instrument, ultra-low temperature test equipment, high temperature test equipment and aging test equipment etc..
  • A specialized R&D test center is set up to be responsible for currency exchange machine testing in the product development stage.
  • More than 100 intellectual property rights such as technical patents, product trademarks, and software copyrights etc..
  • More than 30 product certificates of CE, CB, CCC, and CQC etc..
  • Obtained management system certifications of 1SO9001, ISO14001 and ISO4500 etc..
  • Approved as “High-tech Enterprise” and “Gazelle Enterprise” in China.

SmartTec Currency Exchange Machine FAQs

1. How does your currency exchange machine work?

E20 Currency Exchange Machine provides rich and comprehensive business types. Mixed exchange and deposit between coins and banknotes of different denominations.

2. How many coin modules are there in your currency exchange machine?

There is a coin recycling module, coin roll module, banknote recognition module, and banknote dispensing module inside our currency exchange machine.

3. Can I use banking cards to exchange coins or banknotes?

Yes, SmartTec currency exchange machine supports banking cards for exchanging coins or banknotes.

4. What kinds of coins can your currency exchange machine use?

Our currency exchange machine can use the coin size range: 14-34mm and a diameter of 1.0-3.5mm thickness.

5. How many banknotes does your exchange currency deposit?

It can deposit around 1,000 banknotes.

6. Where can E20 Currency Exchange Machine be used?

E20 currency exchange machines can be used in banks, airports, railway stations, and supermarkets etc..

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