Digital Whiteboard: High-End Interactive Panel Board

  • Infrared touchscreen offers a smooth and natural touch experience.
  • Superior whiteboard software with outstanding configurations brings a more fluent writing experience.
  • Support multiple people writing at the same time.
  • Multi-screen interaction without cable limitation.
  • Dual operating systems to switch Android or Windows just with a key.


SmartTec: Your Reliable Manufacturer of Digital Whiteboard

Smartec was founded in 2008,with more than 10 years of experience accumulation in production, R&D, marketing, and after-sales service, SmartTec produces more and more quality products to the market!

SmartTec owns more than 100 skillful workers, the factory can produce more than 2,000 units of digital whiteboards each month and always keep enough stock digital whiteboards in our warehouse so that you can get digital whiteboards rapidly with a quick time.

SmartTec has strong R&D abilities in hardware and software development, we can help you design your digital whiteboard as your request. SmartTec core staff has rich experience in digital whiteboard R&D, OEM, ODM, and production. You can get a one-stop solution from product development, customization to production, and shipment.

SmartTec Digital Whiteboard

SmartTec digital whiteboard also called as electronic whiteboard or interactive whiteboard. MI-65 digital whiteboard is widely used for enterprise meetings, teleconference, product display, and entertainment, etc., provide a high efficient meeting experience in the business occasion.

SmartTec digital whiteboard adopts high-end hardware and software configuration, equipped with a whiteboard pen and infrared pen, the writing experience is extremely fluent and comfortable.

SmartTec digital whiteboard supports Android and Windows dual system flexible switch on-screen, it has a strong performance and reliability. For the Android system, SmartTec digital whiteboard equips with Android 8.0, ARM A73 processor, 4GBB RAM+32GB ROM; for Windows operating system, SmartTec digital whiteboard equips with Windows10, I5 processor, and 4GB RAM+128GB ROM. High configuration brings fluent work experience for you.

SmartTec digital whiteboard supports 6 array microphones, the built-in 3D noise reduction technology filters the ambient sounds automatically and spreads the sound evenly. You will be heard clearly when you have a conference with other participants. At the same time, 2.1 channel stereo, let other participants can see you and hear you wherever you sit at any place in the room.

SmartTec digital whiteboard is compatible with various applications, for example, all kinds of office software, audio, and video playback, also you can download any App you like.

There are 2 installation ways of digital whiteboard, wall-mounted style, and freestanding way with a mobile bracket. It is flexible to install for any space.

SmartTec digital whiteboard will bring a brand new meeting experience for you!

digital whiteboard

SmartTec digital whiteboard integrates PC, 4K display, whiteboard, video conference, projector, stereo in one machine, solve all inefficient and complex meeting problems, provides super smooth writing, high presentation, no limited wireless connection, real-time online video conference, etc. for you.

SmartTec digital whiteboard adopts outstanding whiteboard software, equipped with a whiteboard pen and infrared pen, brings original handwriting restoration feeling and super fluent writing experience for you.

SmartTec MI-65 digital whiteboard supports a lot of functions to improve your work efficiency. It includes writing, turning pages, key points annotation, zoom in and out, hand erasing, switch the writing color and font size freely and multiple people writing simultaneously, etc.

SmartTec digital whiteboard with fluent, clear, and stable audio and video technology, it’s easy to realize teleconference and remote collaboration.

SmartTec MI-65 digital whiteboard with a thin, light, and superior appearance save your space and make your workplace more elegant.

Digital Whiteboard R&D and Manufacturing Capability

SmartTec as a High Tech Enterprise and Gazelle Company in China has obtained management system of 1SO9001, ISO14001 and ISO4500 etc. Core staff in SmartTec R&D team has more than 12 years of experience in digital whiteboard research and development. R&D and technical staff account for more than 60%. They’re top technical experts and have strong comprehensive R&D capabilities in automation, electronics, algorithms, structural design, computer software and other fields.

SmartTec has successively obtained more than 1000 intellectual property rights such as technical patents, product trademarks and software copyrights etc. SmartTec has got more than 30 certifications, such as CE, CB, CCC and CQC etc..

SmartTec can produce more than 20,000 units of interactive whiteboards each year by our experienced and skilled workers.

Become an Expert when customizing your digital whiteboard

Step One: Digital whiteboard production preparation stage.

  1. SmartTec purchasing team makes procurement of digital whiteboard parts and raw material according to the requirements from SmartTec R&D dept.
  2. Incoming material for the digital whiteboard is inspected by SmartTec QC team before put into the warehouse. If the incoming material is passed inspection, then it put into the warehouse waiting for production.

Step Two: Digital whiteboard while-production stage

  1. Insert the LED lamp into the hole of the frame.
  2. Assemble the front frame and use screws to fix.
  3. Stick shockproof tape around the four sides of the frame.
  4. Test to check whether the LED lamp works or not.
  5. Clean the screen.

Step Three: Post-production stage

  1. After finishing assembly, check the digital whiteboard appearance to see whether there’s any defect in appearance.
  2. Power on and make the performance test. Such as; check the touchscreen, display brightness, audio, camera, and software, etc.
  3. Digital whiteboard aging test.
  4. After passing all tests, the digital whiteboards go into the warehouse and waiting for shipment.

Step one: Digital whiteboard R&D planning stage.

According to customers’ requirements, market demand, and market forecasts, SmartTec team confirms the new digital whiteboard development direction. SmartTec R&D team collects related data, analyze, and work out a plan for new digital whiteboard development, after discussed by SmartTec team and customers, SmartTec R&D team makes a new product plan for the project.


Step two: Digital whiteboard design, sample, trial production, and finalization stage.

It is a repeated process from the digital whiteboard schematic design, technical design, trial production, and test of the sample to the improved design, trial production, and test. If the intermediate process fails to pass the approval, the design shall be improved repeatedly, then the digital whiteboard trial production, the test shall be carried out until the products are approved and the pilot production drawings for small batches are determined.


Step three: Production technology preparation stage.

After the improved design, trial production, and test are finished, the large-scale production technology preparation can be carried out after the review and approval. It mainly includes process design, manufacture of tooling, etc. Procurement of digital whiteboard raw material and parts for production etc.


Step four: Digital whiteboard small batch trial production stage.

Digital whiteboard small batch trial production will be carried out after the production technology preparation stage is completed. On the one hand, it is necessary to verify whether the technology and process tooling can meet the needs of digital whiteboard mass production; on the other hand, it is necessary to conduct various tests on the digital whiteboards in small batch trial production to confirm whether the product quality and technical level meet the digital whiteboard design requirements.


Step five: Digital whiteboard batch production stage.

Before the digital whiteboard is put into mass production, the preparation of after-sales service must be completed, including all kinds of technical documents of new products. And the digital whiteboard sample must be made and sent to customers for confirmation. After confirmation, a new digital whiteboard can be mass production as confirmed.

Digital Whiteboard FAQS

What main functions does your digital whiteboard have?

A: SmartTec digital whiteboard is an all-in-one design. It has many functions, such as 4K display, writing whiteboard, remote video conference, projector, PC and stereo, etc.

Wed like to know how can we switch systems between Android and Windows?

A: Our digital whiteboard standard configuration is Android OS. If dual systems needed, you need to purchase an OPS. It’s very easy to switch the system. Just one key to switch system between Android and Windows.

If we need a multi-people teleconference, can your digital whiteboard provide a smooth teleconference?

A: Our digital whiteboard equips with high configuration hardware and software. It has an integrated 800MP camera, 4K display, 6 microphone array, and 2.1 stereos, etc. The voice picking-up is 8m. You can have a smooth, clear, and stable teleconference for multi-people. But the smoothness also depends on your network.

Is your whiteboard writing experience different from normal whiteboards?

A: SmartTec digital whiteboard uses infrared touch control technology, the response time is 0.04S, writing accuracy is ±1mm and pressure-sensitivity is 1024. Besides, it integrates professional whiteboard software, high configuration hardware, and operating system, it can restore your handwriting and brings you a paper-like smooth writing experience

Does your digital whiteboard has zoom in and zoom out function? If yes, whats the scale range we can zoom into?

A: Yes, SmartTec digital whiteboard has zoom in and zoom out function, the scaling is 30%-300%. You can not continue zooming beyond this range.

What kinds of mobile devices can connect to your digital whiteboard for screen sharing? Can your digital whiteboard control the computer during screen sharing?

A: SmartTec digital whiteboard supports mobile devices with Android, Windows, and Mac OS for screen sharing. Yes, SmartTec digital whiteboard can control the computer reversely.

How to save and share the meeting minutes from the writing whiteboard?

A: You can save your meeting minutes to a local drive, send them to emails, or scan QR code to share the meeting minutes.

How do we install the digital whiteboard?

A: There’re two methods for digital whiteboard installation for your choice, wall hanging and movable standing bracket. If a movable standing bracket needed, it needs to purchased separately.

Is it safe to hang your digital whiteboard on the wall?

A: The wall hanging bracket for SmartTec digital whiteboard is robust and reliable, it’s safe to hang on wall. But please make sure the wall is strong enough to hang the digital whiteboard and install properly.

What’s your MOQ?
A:We could start from 1 pcs for all our models.

Can you provide customized service?
A: Yes, both OEM & ODM services are available and welcome.

How long is the warranty for your digital whiteboard?

A: Our digital whiteboard provides a one-year warranty. And the warranty date is valid from the date of receiving goods by customers. Meantime, you can also increase the after-sale time to 2 or 3 years by purchasing the after-sale time.

How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally, it would take 7 days if the goods are in stock. Also, it depends on your quantity, we will confirm the delivery time with you on the quotation.

What is your after-sale service?
A: We have an after-sales service team to support you on 7×12 online, you can get instant help after we receive email or calling from you.



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