Coin Sidecar: Reliabe and accurate Coin Sidecar

  • Accurate and reliable counterfeit detection offers a securer and easier way for coin deposit.
  • Automatic coin feeding system, bulk coins input, fast coin deposit.
  • Large coins depositint capacity, increase work efficiency.
  • Able to deposit both round and polygonal coins, it can meet the needs of coins from more countries.
  • Compact and front door opening design is easy for maintenance while effectively saves site space.


SmartTec: Your reliable manufacturer of coin modules

SmartTec is a professional manufacturer of coin deposit modules. We have been dedicated to the financial field for more than 15 years. Based on extensive R&D experience, SmartTec developed a broad series of coin machines – sold to homes and abroad.

Based on more than 10,000 square meters of factories and skilled workers, SmartTec produces 20,000 coin deposit machines each year. This will surely give you a lead even in peak seasons.


SmartTec Coin Sidecar

SmartTec coin deposit machine can provide your customers with a service requiring coin deposit. You can take advantage of this unique business opportunity and benefit from the amount of coin deposits in different situations. This brings more business opportunities for you.

  • Increase customer satisfaction

Customers benefit by converting idle coins lying around the house or collecting dust piggy banks or jars into products bought in your store.

  • Maximize local visibility

SmartTec coin deposit machine offers a unique opportunity to market and position the retail shop towards its customer base. Through clever branding and of course word of mouth, the machine quickly becomes the local community’s coin destination with the added help of social media that attracts new customers and business. These all amount to more traffic and better business.

  • Reliable, durable and accurate solutions from the leading coin deposit modules manufacturer

SmartTec is the leading coin-processing machines manufacturer in the world . SmartTec exports the coin deposit machines throughout the world.

Many leading supermarkets and supermarket chains, kiosk and convenience stores around the world have seen the benefit of generating their own coins, increasing customer satisfaction and while expanding store turnover and profits.

SmartTec coin deposit sidecar is mainly used in banks, traffic systems, retail businesses, and other places. More business applications will bring more opportunities for you.

With its elegant design, easy-to-operate interface, SmartTec coin deposit machines provide a faster and easier way to deposit coins for your customers. At the same time, large coin capacity is very convenient for your operator.

SmartTec coin deposit machine’s coin collection speed can reach up to 300 coins per minute. Its collection box capacity can store up to 8,000 – 50,000 coins. This will improve work efficiency for you. Customers can get a receipt after they finished their coin deposit. SmartTec coin deposit machine is reliable and easy-to-operate, this would greatly benefit your business.

SmartTec can also provide OEM service for your own coin deposit kiosk design and you would save a lot of costs.

SmartTec has a strict quality inspection process. Each coin deposit machine’s warranty time is at least 1 year and we always provide after-sales support for you at any time, so you can save more time for your business.

Coin Deposit Machine R&D and Manufacturing Capability

SmartTec core staff in R&D team has more than 15 years of experience in coin deposit machine research and development. R&D and technical staff account for more than 60%. They’re top technical experts and have strong comprehensive R&D capabilities in automation, electronics, algorithms, structural design, computer software, and other fields.

SmartTec has successively obtained more than 1000 intellectual property rights in coin deposit machines and coin handling machines such as technical patents, product trademarks, and software copyrights, etc. SmartTec has got more than 30 certifications, such as CE, CB, CCC, and CQC etc.

SmartTec can produce more than 20,000 units of coin deposit machines each year with our experienced and skilled workers. With rich R&D and production experience, we can satisfy your needs for coin deposit machine OEM and ODM projects easily.

Become an Expert when customizing coin deposit machine

Step one: Coin Sidecar R&D planning stage.

SmartTec R&D team provides solutions and determines the development direction according to coins features and the number of coin denominations provided by customers. SmartTec R&D team analyses and works out which technology is suitable for the coins. Then SmartTec R&D team will work out a whole plan according to customers’ requirements for the coin deposit machine development. After discussed and approved by SmartTec decision-making team and customers, SmartTec decision-making team issues a new product plan to SmartTec R&D team and designates a project manager to be fully responsible for the new coin deposit machine R&D and until deliver the official coin deposit machine bulk order to customers.

Step two: Coin Sidecar design, sample, trial production and finalization stage.

SmartTec R&D team makes coin deposit machine designs and sample. Customers provide SmartTec with coins for testing whether the sample can satisfy the needs. If it fails to pass the approval, the design shall be improved and tested repeatedly. The coin deposit machine trail production and tests shall be carried out until the products are approved and determined.

Step three: Production preparation stage.

When the improved design, trial production and test are finished, the large-scale production technology preparation can be carried out. The coin deposit machine preparation stage mainly includes process design, manufacture of tooling, procurement of coin deposit machine raw material and parts for production etc..

Step four: Coin Sidecar small batch trial production stage.

Coin deposit machine small batch trial production will be carried out after the production preparation stage is completed. On the one hand, it is necessary to verify whether the technology and process tooling can meet the needs of coin deposit machine mass production; on the other hand, it is necessary to conduct various tests on the coin deposit machine in small batch trial production to confirm whether the product quality and technical level meet the coin deposit machine design requirements.

Step five: Coin Sidecar batch production stage.

Before the coin deposit machine is put into mass production, the preparation of after-sales service must be completed, including all kinds of technical documents of new products. And the coin deposit machine sample must be made and sent to customers for confirmation. After confirmation, new coin deposit machine can be made mass production as confirmed.

Step one: Coin Sidecar production preparation stage.

SmartTec purchasing team makes procurement of coin deposit machine parts and raw material according to the requirements from SmartTec R&D dept.

Incoming material for coin deposit machine are inspected by SmartTec QC team before put into warehouse. If the incoming material are passed inspection, then they’re put into warehouse waiting for production.

Step two: Coin Sidecar in-production stage

Production team makes coin deposit machine assembly according to standard operation procedure.

Tests will be carried out during assembly.

Step Three: post-production stage

After finishing assembly, check the coin deposit machine appearance to see whether there’s any defect in appearance.

Power on and make performance test to see whether they meet the technical requirements

Check whether the package and accessories etc. can satisfy the needs.

After passing all tests, the coin deposit machine go into warehouse and waiting for shipment.


SmartTec Coin Sidecar FAQs

1. Who can use this coin sidecar?

Coin sidecar can be used in banks, traffic systems and retail businesses in occasions when you need to deposit bulk coins.

2. Do customers need to sort the coins according to denominations before depositing at the machine?

No, coin sidecar accepts mixed coins, for example: deposit 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar together.

3. How many coins can I deposit in the coin deposit machine?

SmartTec’s standard coin sidecar’s capacity can deposit around 3,000 coins and we can make a capacity extension of up to 30,000 coins according to your demands.

4. Do I need to sort coins before depositing it in the coin deposit machine?

No, you can deposit them in mixed coin denominations.

5. What currencies can your coin deposit support?

Our coin deposit supports lots of currencies, such as USD, Euro, Canada, UK, RMB, Malaysia etc.

6. After deposit, can I get a coin deposit record?

Yes, our deposit machine has an inbuilt thermal printer. After finishing your deposit, you can print a receipt.

7. How’s your coin deposit speed?

The coin deposit speed is around 450 coins/minute.

8. Based on your specification your coin deposit’s operating system is Windows 7. Can I have Windows 10?

Yes, our standard operating system is Windows 7 and we can customize Windows for you if needed.

9. What’s your coin deposit receipt printer’s printing speed?

Our coin deposit receipt printer’s printing speed is 30mm/s.

10. What’s your coin deposit receipt printer’s lifespan?

The printer’s lifespan is around 50KM.

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