Coin Exchange Machine: Multi-function Money Exchange Machine Between Coin and Note

  • Large LCD touchscreen with user-friendly interface brings better user experience.
  • Core modules used world-renowned brands to ensure excellent performance and superior quality.
  • Rich and comprehensive business types support mixed exchange and deposit of coins and banknotes around the world.
  • Cameras are installed to monitor the funds in and out of the transaction at any time to ensure a secure transaction.
  • High power uninterruptible UPS power supply ensures ongoing business proceeds normally even if a sudden power outage happens.
  • Compact design and durable structure.

SmartTec: Your professional manufacturer of coin exchange machines

SmartTec is a professional manufacturer of cash exchange machines. We have been dedicated to the financial field for more than 15 years. Based on strong R&D capabilities, SmartTec owns the most complete coin machine product series in this field.

Aside from the ordinary cash exchange machine in our product line, we can provide OEM/ODM service according to your demand. You can always choose a suitable cash exchange machine that meets your requirements in SmartTec.

SmartTec always put the customer’s benefit as our priority, with strong R&D capability, good quality product, long term after-service, you can get the support you need from us to develop your business.

SmartTec Coin Exchange Machine

SmartTec coin exchange machines provide circular exchange services between banknotes and coins – the exchange between large and small banknotes. There is a coin recycling module, coin roll module, banknote recognition module, and banknote dispensing module inside our cash exchange machine. These modules can help you integrate new financial machines according to your needs.


SmartTec E20 is a coin exchange machine between banknotes and coins – big and small banknotes. The coin exchange machine’s deposit speed is above 2 coins per second, coin change speed is above 6 coins per second. It brings faster and better cash exchange experiences for you or your customers.

SmartTec E20 coin exchange machine can accept most currencies around the world. Applicable coin diameters range from 14mm to 34mm, from 1.0 mm thickness to 3.5mm thickness. Just send us your test coins and we will provide the best solution to your request.

SmartTec E20 coin exchange machine has a compact design and durable structure. We’ve compressed the coin recycling module, coin roll module, banknote recognition module, and banknote dispensing module in one machine.

Each module has a highly accurate performance. With these modules, SmartTec can provide OEM services to integrate as needed regarding financial machines according to your demand.

SmartTec coin exchange machine has a 19-inch capacitive touchscreen and a durable structure. The large interface is easy for you to operate and its durable structure can protect the whole machine from damage.

SmartTec coin exchange machine supports magnetic cards, IC cards, PBOC 2.0 Standard, with an EPP encrypted pin pad and PCI safety certification. This ensures that you and your customer’s cash are secure.

SmartTec E30 provides the exchange service of banknotes to coins. It supports most banknotes and coins around the world. The banknote receiver capacity is more than 1,000 banknotes. And E30 coin exchange machine can dispense more than 6 denomination coins. The number of currency denominations and the capacity can be customized according to customers’ needs.

E30 coin exchange machine integrates with cameras, DVR, and UPS power supply etc., which can monitor the funds in and out, and give users a safe and smooth transaction experience even if during a sudden power outage.

SmartTec E30 coin exchange machine is widely used in banks, shopping malls, subway stations, bus stations and other commercial places etc..



Coin Exchange Machine R&D and Manufacturing Capability

SmartTec as a High Tech Enterprise and Gazelle Company in China has obtained management system of 1SO9001, ISO14001 and ISO4500 etc. Core staff in SmartTec R&D team has more than 12 years of experience in coin exchange machines and cash handling machines research and development. R&D and technical staff account for more than 60%. They’re top technical experts and have strong comprehensive R&D capabilities in automation, electronics, algorithms, structural design, computer software, and other fields.

SmartTec can produce more than 20,000 units of coin exchange machines each year through our experienced and skilled workers. So, you would always have enough coin exchange machines to market during the peak season.

Become an Expert when customizing coin exchange machine

Step one: Coin exchange machine R&D planning stage.

SmartTec R&D team provides solutions and determines the development direction according to coins and banknotes features. SmartTec R&D team analyses and works out which technology is suitable for the coins and banknotes. Then SmartTec R&D team will work out a whole plan according to customers’ requirements for the coin exchange machine development. After discussion and approval by SmartTec decision-making team and customers, SmartTec decision-making team issues a new product plan to SmartTec R&D team and designates a project manager to be fully responsible for the new currency exchange machine R&D until delivering the official cash exchange machine bulk order to customers.

Step two: Coin machine design, sample, trial production, and finalization stage.

SmartTec R&D team makes coin exchange machine designs and samples. Customers provide SmartTec with coins and banknotes for testing whether the sample can satisfy their needs. If it fails to pass the approval, the design shall be improved and tested repeatedly. The coin exchange machine trail production and tests shall be carried out until the products are approved and determined.

Step three: Production preparation stage.

When the improved design, trial production and test are finished, the large-scale production technology preparation can be carried out. The cash exchange machine preparation stage mainly includes process design, manufacture of tooling, procurement of cash exchange machine raw materials and parts for production, etc.

Step four: Coin exchange machine small batch trial production stage.

Coin exchange machine small batch trial production will be carried out after the production preparation stage is completed. On the one hand, it is necessary to verify whether the technology and process tooling can meet the needs of coin exchange machine mass production; on the other hand, it is necessary to conduct various tests on the coin exchange machine in small batch trial production to confirm whether the product quality and technical level meet the coin exchange machine design requirements.

Step five: Coin exchange machine batch production stage.

Before the coin exchange machine is put into mass production, the preparation of after-sales service must be completed, including all kinds of technical documents for new products. And the coin exchange machine sample must be made and sent to customers for confirmation. After confirmation, a new coin exchange machine can be made in mass production as confirmed.

Step one: Coin exchange machine production preparation stage.

SmartTec purchasing team makes procurement of cash exchange machine parts and raw materials according to the requirements from SmartTec R&D dept.

Incoming materials for coin exchange machine are inspected by SmartTec QC team before being put into the warehouse. If the incoming material is passed inspection, then they’re put into a warehouse waiting for production.

Step two: Coin exchange machine in-production stage

SmartTec production team makes cash exchange machine assembly according to standard operating procedure.

Tests will be carried out during assembly.

Step Three: Post-production stage

After finishing assembly, check the coin exchange machines’ appearance to see whether there’re any defects in appearance.

Power on and make performance test to see whether they meet the technical requirements

Check whether the package and accessories etc. can satisfy the needs.

After passing all tests, the cash exchange machines go into the warehouse and wait for shipment.

SmartTec Coin Exchange Machine FAQs

1. How does your coin exchange machine work?

E20 Coin Exchange Machine provides circular exchange services between banknotes and coins – the exchange between large and small banknotes.

You can use a bank card to exchange coins or banknotes, also you can change banknotes into coins or coins into banknotes.

2. How many coin modules are there in your coin exchange machine?

There is a coin recycling module, coin roll module, banknote recognition module, and banknote dispensing module inside our cash exchange machine.

3. Can I use banking cards to exchange coins or banknotes?

Yes, SmartTec’s coin exchange machine supports banking cards’ exchange coin or banknote change.

4. What kinds of coins can your cash exchange machine use?

Our cash exchange machine can use the coin size range of 14-34mm and a diameter of 1.0-3.5mm thickness.

5. How many banknotes does your cash currency deposit?

It can deposit around 1,000 banknotes.

6. Where can E20 Coin Exchange Machine be used?

E20 coin exchange machines can be used in banks, cash exchange kiosks in airports, supermarkets, etc.

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