CC3 Coin Roll Dispenser

  • Offer reliable coin roll solution
  • Easy integration
  • High coin roll capacity


High-Speed Coin Roll Dispensing Output

SmartTec CC3 coin roll dispenser module’s dispensing speed can reach up to 30 rolls per minute. This can improve your coin machine to work efficiently.

Big Capacity Coin Box

There are 3-coin roll cabinets in the coin roll module, each cabinet can hold 65~170 rolls according to different coin dimensions. This big capacity saves time and energy for your coin machine operator.

Easy Integration

SmartTec CC3 coin roll dispenser module is easy to integrate with small volume, flexibility, and saves space for your coin machine system.

Number of Coin Roll Cabinet3
Coin Roll Cabinet CapacityApproximately 100 rolls, Based on 1€
Coin Roll Dispensing Speed3 seconds / roll
Power24V DC, 6A
Rated Power Consumption130W
Standby Power Consumption10W
EnvironmentWorking temperature: -10°C~ +50°C

Working humidity: 20%~90% RH



  • Core staff in the R&D team has more than 10 years of experience in the financial field.
  • Extensive ODM/OEM project experiences, provide structure design, software development and hardware development for you based on our technology.
  • Technical support online – 24/7, to help solve your technical problems.
  • Provide coin recycler solutions for you depending on your demands.

SmartTec Coin Roll Dispensing Module FAQs

1. Where can your coin roll dispensing module be used?

It can be integrated into other machines, such as currency exchange machines, coin recycling machines, etc.

2. What’s your coin roll capacity?
The coin roll capacity depends on your coin size. Take RMB coins, for example, we can make 1 Yuan: 65 rolls or 100 rolls, 5 Dimes: 95 rolls or 150 rolls, 1 Dime: 115 rolls, or 170 rolls.

3. May I know your coin roll dispenser module dimensions?

SmartTec coin roll volume is small and easy to install, the dimension is 659mm(L)*205.5mm(W)*330mm(H),659mm(L)*205.5mm(W)*480mm

4. How does your coin roll dispenser module work?

SmartTec coin roll dispenser module is used for the output of coin rolls. You can put coin roll dispenser modules with coin deposit modules or coin recycler modules to integrate your coin machine according to your demands.

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