Cashpo P2

  • Manage cash transactions of notes and coins.
  • Easy to connect to POS systems.
  • The counterfeit currency will be rejected
  • Make cash management faster, securer and more hygienic
  • Support 6 coin denominations recycling, and large recycling capacity

Cash Transaction Management

Cashpo P2 as a cash payment management machine can accept most notes and coins around the world, it’s easy to manage all cash transactions for retail businesses.

Accurate Cash Handling

Cashpo P2 has accurate counterfeit detection capability, counterfeit currency will be rejected.

Improve Your Business Operation Efficiency

Cashpo P2 can provide change and cash up in an instant, then employees can have more time to serve your customers well.

Reliable Cashier Assistant

Cashpo P2 can assist your cashier provide a securer, faster and more hygienic cash payment handling way.

Small in Size

Cashpo P2 is small in size design, it just needs a little space to fit in. You can put the Cashpo on your counter.

Application Scenario

Cashpo P2 is mainly used in convenience stores, cafes, bars, restaurants, bakeries, fast food stores and pharmacies and so on.

Dimension589mm(L)*485mm(W) *373mm(H)
Power SupplyAC 100~240V  50/60Hz
Power5W standby, 50W working
Coin PropertyApplicable Coin Size18mm-28mm diameter; 1.3-3.2mm thickness
Coin Accept SpeedApprox. 420 coins / minute
Coin Output SpeedApprox. 420 coins / minute
Coin Hoppers6 hoppers+ 1 over flow box
Coin Hopper CapacityRecycling hopper: 750 coins / hopper, total capacity: about 4,500 coins       Over flow box: approx. 750 coins    based on 1€ coin

Banknote Recycler

Note-in WaySingle banknote-in
Note-in DirectionAll sides available
Note Accept Speed2 sec. / note
Note Box Capacity150~1,000 notes
Note-in WayOne note/time
Note-in DirectionAll sides available
Note Dispense Speed2 sec. / note
Note Dispensing WayOne note/time
Banknote Cassette1 deposit cassette and 1 recycling cassette
CapacityBanknote deposit cassette: 1,000 notes; recycling cassette: 80 notes
Work Temperature-10°C~+50°C
Work Humidity20%~90% RH
Storage Temperature and Humidity-20°C~+70°C, 10%~95% RH
  • R&D and technical personnel account for more than 60%. Strong comprehensive R&D capabilities in fields of automation, electronics, algorithms, structural design, computer software, etc.
  • Specialized in cash handling products R&D and manufacturing. Annual R&D investment has exceeded 15% of his annual revenue.
  • 500 square meters R&D center and more than 200 square meters professional R&D testing laboratory equipped with lots of testing instruments and equipment, such as vibration measurement instruments, ultra-low temperature test equipment, high-temperature test equipment, aging test equipment, etc.
  • A specialized R&D test center is set up to be responsible for product testing in the product development stage.
  • More than 100 intellectual property rights such as technical patents, product trademarks, and software copyrights etc..
  • More than 30 product certificates of CE, CB, CCC, and CQC etc..
  • Obtained management system certifications of 1SO9001, ISO14001 and ISO4500 etc..
  • Approved as “High-tech Enterprise” and “Gazelle Enterprise” in China.

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Cashpo FAQs

1. Can your Cashpo support our currency?

Yes, Cashpo as a cash payment machine supports most currencies around the world.

2. Will your Cashpo receive counterfeit currency?

Cashpo has counterfeit detection capability, counterfeit currency will be rejected.

3. Can your Cashpo provide change?

Yes, Cashpo can provide change instantly.

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