Cash Deposit Machine

  • Mixed note counting, fast sorting, counterfeit identification, counting speed: 700-750 notes/minute
  • Support the deposit of damaged coins, old banknotes, and coins through envelope deposit
  • Adopt ATM special cash bag, small volume and large capacity It can hold 20000 banknotes
  • Adopt ATM level dynamic password lock in line with international financial standards
  • 7-inch touchscreen for operation

Smart and Fast Counting

Support mixed note counting, counterfeit, identification, accurate calculation of the number of each denomination, and voice reading the current amount. Counting speed: 700-750 notes/minute.

Envelope Deposit

Coins, damaged bills, checks, gift certificates and others can be deposited through the temporary deposit slot.

Large Cash Bag

Adopt ATM special cash bag, small volume and arge capacity It can hold 20,000 banknotes.

Secure Deposit 

Adopt ATM level dynamic password lock in line with international financial standards.

Convenient Login

Support login by scanning QR code, entering account, etc

Transaction Receipt Printing

SmartTec cash deposit machine equipped with an inbuilt receipt printer provides you with real-time printing.



  • R&D and technical personnel account for more than 60%. Strong comprehensive R&D capabilities in fields of automation, electronics, algorithms, structural design and computer software etc..
  • Specialized in coin deposit machine R&D and manufacturing. Annual R&D investment has exceeded 15% of annual revenue.
  • 500 square meters R&D center and more than 200 square meter professional R&D testing laboratory equipped with lots of testing instruments and equipment, such as vibration measurement instrument, ultra-low temperature test equipment, high temperature test equipment and aging test equipment etc..
  • A specialized R&D test center is set up to be responsible for product testing in the product development stage.
  • More than 100 intellectual property rights in coin deposit machines and other coin handling machines such as technical patents, product trademarks, and software copyrights etc..
  • More than 30 product certificates of CE, CB, CCC, and CQC etc..
  • Obtained management system certifications of 1SO9001, ISO14001 and ISO4500 etc..
  • Approved as “High-tech Enterprise” and “Gazelle Enterprise” in China.

SmartTec Cash Deposit Machine FAQs

1. Where can use this cash deposit machine?

SmartTec cash deposit machines can be used in the places that needs to deposit notes, such as banks, supermarket, gas station, traffic systems, and retail businesses etc..

2. After the deposit, can I get a deposit record?

Yes, our cash deposit machine has an inbuilt thermal printer. After the deposit, you can print a receipt.

3. What’s the cash deposit machine operating system?

Our cash deposit machine operating system is Android 7.1.

4. What’s your cash deposit receipt printer’s printing speed?

Our cash deposit receipt printer’s printing speed is 30mm/s.

5. What’s your cash deposit receipt printer’s lifespan?

The cash deposit machine printer’s lifespan is around 50KM.

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