BD02 Automatic Plastic Bag Dispenser

  • High volume bag roll.
  • Two sizes of bags for selection to satisfy your needs.
  • Dispenses one bag at a time to avoid wastage.
  • Bag roll status detection addresses concerns of fewer bags or no bags.
  • Support biodegradable bags, which is eco-friendly.

Bag Dispensing Method: Bag dispensed by host computers’ instruction or third-party payment APP to scan code

Bag Size: Supports big sized and small-sized bags

Bag Roll Volume: 100 bags / rolls

Communication: USB, Internet

Good Partner for Your Self-Service Solution

When finishing your self-checkout service, SmartTec automatic bag dispenser helps you solve the last problem of packing your bags.

Easy Installation and Operation

SmartTec automatic bag dispenser connects to a host computer for instruction or third-party payment APP for scanning codes to control bag dispensing.

Bag Roll Status Detection

SmartTec automatic bag dispenser can address your concerns of no bags or fewer bags. You can easily know the bag roll status.

Smart Control

SmartTec automatic bag dispenser dispenses one bag at a time to avoid bag wastage.

Two Sizes of Bags for Selection

The automatic bag dispenser supports two sizes of bags. You can choose your desired bag size as needed.

High Volume Bag Roll

With its high volume bag roll, you don’t need to change the bag roll frequently.

Support Biodegradable Bags 

SmartTec automatic bag dispenser supports biodegradable vest bag roll. The bags are made from PBAT+PLA+Corn Starch, which is eco-friendly. You can purchase bag rolls from SmartTec.

Bag Dispensing MethodBag dispensed by host computers’ instruction or third-party payment APP to scan code
Bag Roll SpecificationSupports both big and small sizes. Big sized bag(mm): 600(Length)*(400 Width+180 edge fold)*0.026 thickness.Small sized bag(mm) :476 length*(254 Width+152 edge fold)*0.026 thickness
Number of Bags Storage SpecificationTwo in total, one for big size and one for small size
Bag Roll Volume100 bags / roll
Bag Roll StatusSupports less bags or no bags detection
Power Consumption30W


  • R&D and technical personnel account for more than 60%. Strong comprehensive R&D capabilities in fields of automation, electronics, algorithms, structural design and computer software etc..
  • Specialized in automatic bag dispenser R&D and manufacturing. Annual R&D investment has exceeded 15% of his annual revenue.
  • 500 square meters R&D center and more than 200 square meter professional R&D testing laboratory equipped with lots of testing instruments and equipment, such as vibration measurement instrument, ultra-low temperature test equipment, high temperature test equipment and aging test equipment etc..
  • A specialized R&D test center is set up to be responsible for products testing in the product development stage.
  • More than 100 intellectual property rights such as technical patents, product trademarks, and software copyrights etc..
  • More than 30 product certificates of CE, CB, CCC, and CQC etc..
  • Obtained management system certifications of 1SO9001, ISO14001 and ISO4500 etc..
  • Approved as “High-tech Enterprise” and “Gazelle Enterprise” in China.

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SmartTec Automatic Bag Dispenser FAQs

1. How do we know whether the automatic bag dispenser is without bags?

SmartTec automatic bag dispenser has less bags or no bags detection.

2. How many kinds of bags can your automatic bag dispenser support?

It supports two sizes of bags.

3. Can we have other colors for the automatic bag dispenser?

If this is required, we can make customizations, but the order quantity needs to reach a certain number.

4. How about the automatic bag dispensers’ power consumption?

SmartTec automatic bag dispensers’ power consumption is 30W.

5. What’s your automatic bag dispensers’ production capacity?

SmartTec has more than 10,000 square meters of factories with strong production capabilities.

We can produce more than 100,000 automatic bag dispensers per year.

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