Automatic Bag Dispenser: Powerful Self-Service Automatic Bag Dispenser with Competitive Price

  • Automatic Bag Dispenser provides a new growth point for your self-service business with lower MOQ.
  • Reduce labor cost for bag dispensing and bring convenience to your customers.
  • Bag roll status detection addresses concerns of less bags or no bags.
  • Large bag roll capacity and low power consumption.

SmartTec: Your professional automatic bag dispenser Manufacturer

SmartTec is one of a leading automatic bag dispenser manufacturers in China. We have a professional R&D team, the core staff has more than 12 years’ experience in financial filed. They independently developed the automatic bag dispenser to provide you with self-service solution.

SmartTec has strong production capability. Our factory can produce more than 10000 automatic bag dispensers each month, this will ensure the delivery time for you. SmartTec has strictly quality inspections from raw material procurement to finished product, this will ensure each automatic bag dispenser high quality when you get them.

SmartTec Automatic Bag Dispenser

SmartTec automatic bag dispenser can be widely used in different scenarios, for example unmanned stores, self-service machines, vending machines, etc. You can sell automatic bag dispensers to supermarkets, hospitals, shopping malls, etc.

SmartTec automatic bag dispenser also referred to as bag vending machine, can be used with a self-checkout machine that could help you and your customer achieve a fully automated shopping experience.

SmartTec automatic bag dispenser is easy to install and operate. Its big bag roll capacity satisfies consumers’ large demands for usage, which is convenient for both merchants and users.

SmartTec automatic bag dispenser offers you an OEM/ODM service with competitive price and lower MOQ. This helps you meet market demands easily and operate better as a business.

SmartTec BD02 automatic bag dispenser aims to help increase your business revenue, improve merchant’s efficiency and provide good user experience.

SmartTec BD02 automatic bag dispenser is easy to connect. This automatic bag dispenser can connect to a host computer for instructions or third-party payment applications which scans codes to control bag dispensing. This feature helps you save a lot of costs and materials for development.

SmartTec BD02 automatic bag dispenser supports fewer bags or no bags detection. This function informs you of the bag roll status at any time. It minimizes your energy from frequently checking your product’s status.

Automatic Bag Dispenser R&D and Manufacturing Capability

SmartTec as a High Tech Enterprise and Gazelle Company in China has obtained management system of 1SO9001, ISO14001 and ISO4500 etc. R&D and technical staff account for more than 60%. They’re top technical experts and have strong comprehensive R&D capabilities in automation, electronics, algorithms, structural design, computer software and other fields.

SmartTec is specialized in automatic bag dispenser. He has invested more than 15% of its annual revenue every year. The R&D center has an office area of 500 square meters and a professional R&D testing laboratory of more than 200 square meters.

SmartTec can produce more than 20,000 units of automatic bag dispensers each year by our experienced and skilled workers.

Become An Expert When Customizing Bag Dispenser

Step one: Automatic bag dispenser R&D planning stage.

SmartTec R&D team provides solutions and determines the development direction according to customers’ requirements. After discussed and approved by SmartTec decision-making team and customers, SmartTec decision-making team issues a new product plan to SmartTec R&D team and designates a project manager to be fully responsible for the new automatic bag dispenser R&D and until deliver the official automatic bag dispenser bulk order to customers.

Step two: Automatic bag dispenser design, sample, trial production and finalization stage.

SmartTec R&D team makes automatic bag dispenser design and sample. SmartTec tests the sample. If it fails to pass the approval, the design shall be improved and tested repeatedly. The cash register trail production and tests shall be carried out until the products are approved and determined.

Step three: Production preparation stage.

When the improved design, trial production and test are finished, the large-scale production technology preparation can be carried out. The automatic bag dispenser preparation stage mainly includes process design, manufacture of tooling, procurement of automatic bag dispenser raw material and parts for production etc..

Step four: Automatic bag dispenser small batch trial production stage.

Automatic bag dispenser small batch trial production will be carried out after the production preparation stage is completed. On the one hand, it is necessary to verify whether the technology and process tooling can meet the needs of automatic bag dispenser mass production; on the other hand, it is necessary to conduct various tests on the automatic bag dispenser in small batch trial production to confirm whether the product quality and technical level meet the automatic bag dispenser design requirements.

Step five: Automatic bag dispenser batch production stage.

Before the automatic bag dispenser is put into mass production, the preparation of after-sales service must be completed, including all kinds of technical documents of new products. And the self-checkout machine sample must be made and sent to customers for confirmation. After confirmation, new automatic bag dispenser can be made mass production as confirmed.

Step one: Automatic bag dispenser production preparation stage.

SmartTec purchasing team makes procurement of automatic bag dispenser parts and raw material according to the requirements from SmartTec R&D dept.

Incoming material for automatic bag dispenser are inspected by SmartTec QC team before put into warehouse. If the incoming material are passed inspection, then they’re put into warehouse waiting for production.

Step two: Automatic bag dispenser while-production stage.

Production team makes automatic bag dispenser assembly according to standard operation procedure. Tests will be carried out during assembly.

Step Three: post-production stage

After finishing assembly, check the automatic bag dispenser appearance to see whether there’s any defect in appearance.

Power on and make performance test to see whether they meet the technical requirements.

Check whether the package and accessories etc. can satisfy the needs.

After passing all tests, the automatic bag dispensers go into warehouse and waiting for shipment.

SmartTec Automatic Bag Dispenser FAQs

1. How do we know whether the automatic bag dispenser is without bags?

SmartTec automatic bag dispenser has less bags or no bags detection.

2. How many kinds of bags can your automatic bag dispenser support?

It supports two sizes of bags.

3. Can we have other colors for the automatic bag dispenser?

If this is required, we can make customizations, but the order quantity needs to reach a certain number.

4. How about the automatic bag dispensers’ power consumption?

SmartTec automatic bag dispensers’ power consumption is 30W.

5. What’s your automatic bag dispensers’ production capacity?

SmartTec has more than 10,000 square meters of factories with strong production capabilities. We can produce more than 100,000 automatic bag dispensers per year.

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